Goals and Values

Goals and Values

With the main goal of reducing water and electricity consumption and the prospect of using new energies, this institute adheres to the following ethical principles and values in providing its services and activities.


  • Empowerment and promoting dexterity & scientific level of personnel
  • Leading, supervising, planning, and managing of outsourced training courses
  • Assessment, evaluation and promotion of technical skills and vocational qualification of the personnel
  • Planning for holding job-organized training courses
  • Planning, needs assessment and leading professional trainings
  • Enhancing public awareness and executing the promotional trainings in order to improve the consumption pattern, sustainable development and environmental protection
  • Planning and coordinating the implementation of passive defense and crisis management trainings
  • Role-playing in power & water industry’s innovation ecosystem


  • Abiding to professional moral values
  • Customer orientation and emphasize on customer demands
  • Responsibility and accountability to beneficiaries
  • Continuous learning, teamwork and innovation
  • Not interference between managerial and executive responsibilities in order to prevent conflict of interest
  • Productivity and continuous improvement of duties, products and services according to national and international standards
  • Commitment & adherence to the Ministry of Energy’s rules and regulations in power & water industry